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Offering Pakistan Domains. PK domain webhosting. Azadi Offer! Huge discount on hosting packages. Whether you are planning to create a small personal blog or large ecommerce store, the security is your website is crucial. Some important things to consider when evaluating the security of a shared hosting include secure file transfer protocol STFP that provides additional layer of protection to your files, how regularly backup and server maintenance are performed as well as secure socket layer SSL that provides encrypted path between the web server and the browser.

This is a very important factor that many people usually overlook when choosing a shared hosting. This refers to hard drive space that the hosting company provides to users. Choose a shared hosting provider that offers enough disk space for your website. Why should I choose a Canadian hosting provider? This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask.

If you are one of them then today you are in the right place. Below are compelling reasons why you should choose a hosting provider in Canada. One of the greatest benefits of choosing a Canadian host provider is that issues of digital millennium copyright act DMCA are not a big concern. We have all heard of stories of FBI agents raiding data centers and confiscating servers that contain illegal content. Although there is nothing bad confiscating illegal data, the issue is that hosting servers have may websites hosted on them and majority of them are clean.

This means that if the sever is seized because of DMCA claim, then your clean and legitimate website could also go down.


The main aim of any website is to reach out to its target audience. No matter how professional the website is or the quality of information posted, if it is not visible to target visitors, then they are all useless. Choosing a Canadian hosting provider has amazing SEO benefits to your website.

Google usually makes an assumption that if your website IP comes from Canada, then your business is definitely based in Canada. As a results, your web pages ranking will be favored because the content is relevant to the local market.

If your website performs well on local search, then traffic that you will get will have huge positive impact on your business. They are affordable. One crucial thing many people usually look out for when choosing a hosting provider is price. In the past, most Canadian users preferred US based hosting providers because they were reliable and cheaper. However, things have changed. Web hosting heavyweight are now here in Canada.

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Choosing a Canadian hosting provider is now much cheaper because users are billed in Canadian dollars. In addition to that, the introduction of HTS means that users who choose Canadian web hosting will not pay tax making it cheaper. Your website may have the best products, service or content that people are looking for.

However, if your website uptime and load time is wanting, then your business will not perform well. Uptime and loading is a big deal especially if you care about you website performance. Below are reasons why uptime and load time really matters. When visitors find it difficult to access your website, they will quickly go to your competitor.

Down for Maintenance

Customers are not patient. If they realize that your site has slow loading time or has frequent downtime, the will look for another option.

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